Don’t Be a Gadjo!

Fany Loubat and Ašta šmé

Michael grew up in a foster home, and much like Honza he doesn’t remember a time before institutional care. He is placed in a relatively small facility where he becomes attached to one of the wardens and has no memories of suffering. He is successful at school and later will find himself professionally successful as well. He is nonetheless inclined to conclude that the system made an error in his case, and that he should not have been placed in a foster home. By doing this, he is opening a socially up-to-date question in regards to the relevance we assign to the fundamental criticism of the system, by a child who came out of it but who is, according to the criteria specific to this system, one of its most successful.


Showcase: Don’t Be a Gadjo!


Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
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